Behind every daffodil, there’s a story


Our beneficiary, Marie Curie are the UK’s leading charity for people with any terminal illness. The charity helps people living with a terminal illness and their families make the most of the time they have together by delivering expert hands-on care, emotional support, research and guidance.

This month, Marie Curie are raising awareness of their incredible cause with their Great Daffodil Appeal.

In 2016, Sian Higson’s mum Shirley was diagnosed with stomach cancer and Marie Curie were there for Sian and her family when their support was needed most.

“Mum was a strong, amazing woman. We miss her every day”

“Mum had been going back and forth to the doctors. She was struggling to eat and had been sent for tests. The results came back and we were told she had inoperable cancer. ‘There’s nothing they can do for me,’ she told us. ‘So I want to spend whatever time I have left with my family now.’

“We promised her we’d be there to hold her hand and support her through it. She was amazing – so strong and courageous.

“We always talked openly about what was happening and Mum even planned her own funeral. ‘I don’t want you children worrying,’ she said. She planned the songs and chose the flowers herself. We never had to question what Mum wanted, because she’d told us.”

“She wanted to go into the hospice because she didn’t want to burden us. We were happy to take care of her – we wanted to take care of her – but she wanted to be in the hospice.”

Kind, caring and patient

“The relief that Mum felt when she was admitted was amazing. I remember her settling down and just saying: ‘This is what I wanted.’

“The hospice is such a peaceful place and everyone there is just lovely. Everyone you met there took the time to smile and ask how you were. There was constant reassurance that you weren’t alone in this.

“The nurses were kind, caring and patient. They’d walk in and hold Mum’s hand, talking to her like a human being. We could go and see her whenever – that meant a lot.”

Staying strong

“The morning Mum died, we were there.

“A nurse came in and said: ‘Your mum was such a lovely lady, and you’re such a strong family. I can see the love you all have for each other.’ It was all Mum would have wanted.

“She told us to be strong. We’re doing OK. We have our moments. One minute you’re crying your heart out, the next you’re laughing at the happy memories. It’s like we have an invisible cord – when one person is down, we lift each other up.”

By donating and wearing your daffodil this month, you are raising money so that Marie Curie can care for more people with a terminal illness. Whether it’s worn in celebration, in solidarity or in memory of a loved one, your daffodil tells a story.

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