Could you be a BBC Big Bee Challenge judge?

bee on apple blossom

The BBC’s Big Bee Challenge team are looking for 100s of passionate gardeners to help judge BBC Radio 2’s brightest new children’s competition to help keep Britain’s bees buzzing. 

  • Can you give at least 4 hours of your time in early July to sift a batch of 50 entries?
  • Entries will be accessed online along with judging notes.

The Idea

Britain’s bees are running out of food. As we pave over our gardens, build new roads and houses and change the way we farm, it means that the flower-rich habitat that our incredible insects love is in decline. The Big Bee Challenge is a three-year campaign to encourage Radio 2 listeners to do what they can, in the space around them, and help create a better environment for our pollinators.

You can discover more about the National Garden Scheme’s bee-friendly gardens,
how to plant for bees, and read stories from our bee-keeper garden owners here



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