We are delighted to announce that Create, a new design template tool, is now available for all volunteers to use. This will help everyone to share information about the scheme using the fantastic brand, illustrations and fonts so that our message is instantly recognisable.

We have sent out an invite to create an account to all Publicity and Social Media volunteers and County Organisers over the next day or so (it may end up in spam/junk). You will be able to create your own password and get straight into the tool after that. We are happy for any volunteer to have access so do let us know if anyone else in your team would like an invite to join.

After that to login and use the platform just go to https://create.ngs.org.uk

As with any new tool it is advisable to spend a bit of time familiarising yourself with all the features before you need to use it.  To help you with this we have created a series of tutorial videos which you can access here . We also have a glossary of terms that you may find useful. These resources should give you all the info you need to get started but if you need any further help do let us know. We will also be demonstrating the system at the Publicity and Social Media conference in January and you will find all these resources in the resource centre too.

There are two ways to use Create. The full version where you login but can then save designs to return to later. These need to be approved by one of the Hatchlands team which we will do quickly within office hours. Or the “lite” version where you can create designs quickly and download without needing to login or needing approval, but you can’t save your designs to use again. This version is useful if you need to produce something quickly outside of office hours. The tutorial videos show you how to use both options in detail.

We have already created a number of templates for you to start using but it is by no means exhaustive and we are happy to create more for your needs. Just drop us an email with your requirements or you can request a template via the Create platform.

Create is designed to be used on a computer with a full screen so a PC/Mac or laptop. You will not get a good experience using this on a mobile device or i-pad/tablet.

We hope you will enjoy using this new tool but any questions do let us know.

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