Iconic Maggie’s Centres gardens to join Festival Weekend

The gardens of four Maggie’s Centres around England and Wales will open to visitors in support of the Festival Weekend on Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd June, where visitors can enjoy gardens created by famous designers.

Since Maggie’s was founded in 1996 by Maggie Keswick Jencks to support anybody affected by cancer, the different centres around the country have become renowned for their iconic buildings designed by leading architects and gardens designed by landscaping experts including Sarah Price and Dan Pearson.

Maggie’s Centre, Newcastle

The four gardens created by garden designers and opening for the National Garden Scheme Festival Weekend are:

Maggie’s Centre, Swansea

The centres all offer a free and unique blend of medical, social and pastoral advice and support. The use of their gardens brilliantly illustrates the strong link between gardens and people’s health and wellbeing.

This has led to Maggie’s being awarded by the National Garden Scheme this year a special Gardens and Health donation of £120,000. The funds will create two new gardens at Maggie’sCcentres in Swansea and Leeds and help maintain the gardens at all other centres.

Maggie’s Centre, Oldham

George Plumptre, Chief Executive of the National Garden Scheme said: “Having Maggie’s as a beneficiary is the perfect illustration of the vital link between gardens and people’s health and wellbeing. Having five of these small but seminal gardens, all designed by people with global reputations, opening as part of our Festival Weekend is a fabulous illustration of our partnership and will give visitors a powerful insight into gardens and health.”

Read all about the Festival Weekend and find your nearest Festival Weekend garden.


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