Gardens open by arrangement

Arrange your visit direct with the Garden Owner

Enjoy a more personalised garden visit. Below is a list of gardens that are opening “by arrangement”. Please click on the region tabs to find ones in your area. With these gardens you can plan your garden visit for the day you want and at a time convenient for you. Contact the garden owner directly to make arrangements.

Many of our garden openings are now complete for 2020. If you are planning to visit with a group in 2021 please check this webpage again in December, or sign up to our eNewsletter for updates

By Arrangement FAQs

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Visit a garden that opens By Arrangement

Enjoy a more personalised, private garden visit. Simply use the region tabs at the top of the page to find ones in your area and to plan your garden visit for the day you want, at a time convenient for you, with exclusive access to the garden.

What is a by arrangement garden?

A garden open by arrangement accepts visitors to their garden for a more personalised visit, on a pre-agreed date. Usually, the garden will advertise a range of dates available that they are willing to open so that visitors can decide on the most suitable option for them.

What are the benefits of booking a visit in advance?

Booking a by arrangement garden gives you direct contact with the garden owner, allowing you to liaise on everything from convenient times and dates, to what you’ll see and do once you’re there.

Why choose By Arrangement?

Did you miss an open day or perhaps you would like to bring your family back for a special occasion?  Small social groups are also welcome in line with current government COVID-19 guidelines. Contact any garden offering By Arrangement visits to discuss options.

Booking your By Arrangement visit

Simply use the search function at the top of this page to find a garden in your area that opens on the date you require. From the garden information page you will find the garden owner’s contact details. They are waiting to hear from you and will be delighted to help you create the perfect visit.

The garden owner will confirm all the details and whether they require a deposit/full payment ahead of the visit.

Enjoy your garden visit!

“We very often go to National Garden Scheme gardens because we find the owners very welcoming and appreciative of our interest in their gardens. The highlight of our visits is often admiring the stories they tell, as they show us around, of how they started and developed their gardens. If they can give us advice on particular plants, that’s a bonus.”

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