Our Partnership with The QNI

In 1927 when the first gardens opened for the National Garden Scheme, they did so to raise money for the district nurses. Charging 1 shilling a head, a whopping £8191 was raised that year.

We’ve been a benefactor of the Queen’s Nursing Institute ever since, and have donated over  £4 million in the intervening 89 years.

The QNI are this year celebrating their 130th anniversary, and with us having just celebrated our 90th anniversary we thought it would be a great idea to explore our relationship further. This infographic nicely depicts just how special the connection between us and the QNI is.

You can click on the image to enlarge it!

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Our donations for 2020

Donor 1
Donor 2 £425,000
Donor 3 £425,000
Donor 4 £425,000
Donor 5 £340,000
Donor 6 £370,000
Donor 7 £157,500
Donor 8
Donor 9 £75,000
Donor 10 £100,000
Donor 11 £190,000
Donor 12
Donor 13 £80,000
Donor 14 £195,000
Donor 15 £97,210