Spring into action and support the Great Daffodil Appeal

The National Garden Scheme has proudly supported Marie Curie for over 27 years. In that time, we have donated over £10.5million to ensure that whatever the illness, Marie Curie can be with you right to the end.

Today, say Marie Curie, one in four people don’t get the end of life care they need. That simply isn’t good enough. No one should face death alone or be in pain or without the support they need.

For this spring’s Great Daffodil Appeal, Marie Curie is determined to ensure that everyone gets the care and support they need.

Every penny raised helps power the best possible end of life care and support for everyone. For every family member, friend, colleague and neighbour. For everyone, whatever the illness – in your town, your county and right across the UK.

Caty is a Registered Nurse at the Marie Curie Hospice in Bradford and supports the Great Daffodil Appeal each year:

“It’s such a privileged job. To be able to make a difference when people are at their lowest point. Death is so frightening to people and to be able to provide understanding, a bit of knowledge and support, it just can make all the difference. 

I remember so many people when I wear my daffodil pin – all my patients, and some of them stay with you more than others. There are some that you never lose that contact with, that connection with. Particularly some of the ones that come back, again and again. Because you not only get to know them, you get to know their families, so it’s really for all of them.

Because of the way Marie Curie is funded – charitable donations are such a large part of it. And without the support from the general public, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, and it is such a vital thing. So it’s very, very important that this year’s Daffodil Appeal is a success. Apart from fundraising, you’re putting Marie Curie in people’s minds again. For people who are going to find themselves in such a sad place or their loved ones need care when they’ve been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, to remember that Marie Curie is there and that we care for anyone with a life-limiting illness.”

Whether you are planning to visit one of the beautiful National Garden Scheme daffodil gardens or simply want to wear your Marie Curie daffodil pin with pride, you will be making a difference to so many this March and beyond.

For more information on the Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal click here.



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