Supporting apprenticeships

The National Garden Scheme raises money from opening exceptional gardens all over England and Wales, many of which are looked after by professional gardeners. We recognise that it is often hard for people to get started in a gardening career that’s why we fund a variety of training and apprentice schemes.  In 2020 we supported the following:

*matched by the Leffman Trust

You can read about 2019 trainee Elena Donovan’s experience at The Garden Museum here


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Our donations for 2019

Donor 1 £185,000
Donor 2 £130,000
Donor 3 £100,000
Donor 4 £75,000
Donor 5 £85,000
Donor 6 £85,000
Donor 7 £206,208
Donor 8 £500,000
Donor 9 £500,000
Donor 10 £400,000
Donor 11 £500,000
Donor 12 £250,000