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Sharing a love of gardens and great causes for a third scrumptious year…

From our partnerships with over 3,500 garden owners and 550 volunteers to our sponsors and beneficiaries, our success as a charity relies on strong partnerships and the generosity of those who help champion our cause. So we’re delighted to be teaming up with Talking Tables once again, for our annual Great British Garden Party. Their products will bring eye-catching colour and joy to the table, while their generosity will help us support some of the UK’s best loved nursing and health charities. 

Commenting on the partnership, Clare Harris, founder and director of Talking Tables said: “I am delighted that Talking Tables is partnering with the National Garden Scheme again in 2023. As an enthusiastic gardener myself, it is all too easy to be busy “doing” in the garden and not to take the time to enjoy the garden with others.  To invite a few people over for a cup of tea and cake; to pause, chatter and relax in your own garden, is such a lovely thing to do.

“Many of us will be grateful for the support of nursing care as we age or need support for our family, so raising funds for such a great cause becomes even more worthwhile and a real motivation to host a Great British Garden Party.

“This summer I will be hosting my third Great British Garden Party. The first year I invited some fellow gardeners from my village to share a cup of tea and was very proud of myself making a courgette cake, prettily decorated with flower petals. The second year I hosted our senior management team from Talking Tables, and we enjoyed some time out together.  In 2023 I plan to invite my local gardening friends again, and hopefully they can share some tips on improving my wildflower meadow. Whichever way you choose to enjoy your garden with friends or colleagues this year, you know that you will be supporting something special.”

As part of the partnership in 2023, Talking Tables will be donating a 5% royalty payment to the National Garden Scheme of proceeds from the UK sales of the most popular ‘Truly Scrumptious’ ranges of party accessories including hand-curated Great British Garden Party tea party kits throughout April – September 2023. 


Lead image courtesy of Selina Lake and Sussie Bell





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