The National Garden Scheme, blooming brilliant at 90

In 2017 the National Garden Scheme celebrates 90 years of opening private gardens across England & Wales for charity. Over the year there will be plenty of opportunities to celebrate our 90th anniversary with us, whilst raising money for nursing and caring charities. The year begins with Snowdrop Festival in February, where gardens, such as Welford Park, opened up especially to highlight the beauty of these early blooming flowers.

Throughout the year we will have gardens opening that first welcomed visitors in 1927 when the National Garden Scheme was founded. Gardens such as Englefield House, will be inviting visitors to step back in time and enjoy stunning surrounds.

On 28th May 1927 the garden gates at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, the ancestral home of The Marquess of Salisbury, swung open and anyone willing to pay the one shilling (5p in today’s currency) admission charge could, in the words of The Times reporter, “wander where they liked.” This was the very first garden to open on behalf of what is now the National Garden Scheme which was established in that year by the Queen’s Nursing Institute as a way to contribute to a memorial fund they had set up in aid of their patron, Queen Alexandra, following her death in 1925.

Our 90th Anniversary weekend, May 27th – 29th, will see over 400 gardens opening for a weekend of horticultural delight. However the fun doesn’t stop there, with special events such as craft fairs, exhibitions and more, 2017 is set to be a truly unforgettable year at the National Garden Scheme.

High Glanau manner in 2012 and 1927

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