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Gardens in Cambridgeshire

The National Garden Scheme gives visitors access to 117 of the best gardens in Cambridgeshire.

Your visits and donations to private gardens near Cambridgeshire raise important funds for Charitable causes across the UK.

Thanks to the generosity of owners opening gardens for free NGS was able to raise and donate over £3.4 million to charities last year. We hope to top this in 2024 with more beautiful gardens open in Cambridgeshire for you to visit this year than ever before.


  • 117
    Private Gardens to visit in Cambridgeshire
  • 29
    Historical Gardens in Cambridgeshire
  • 41
    Dog Friendly Gardens in Cambridgeshire
  • 8
    Child Friendly Gardens in Cambridgeshire
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All gardens
1 Merlin Drive image

1 Merlin Drive

1 Merlin Drive, CB6 3EA

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1 Robins Close image

1 Robins Close

1 Robins Close, CB6 3EG

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1 Station Cottage image

1 Station Cottage

1 Station Cottage, CB6 1RX

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10 Wynemares image

10 Wynemares

10 Wynemares, CB22 3XG

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11 Chaucer Road image

11 Chaucer Road

11 Chaucer Road, CB2 7EB

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11 Mill Lane image

11 Mill Lane

11 Mill Lane, CB22 3HY

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12 Chapel Street image

12 Chapel Street

12 Chapel Street, CB6 1AD

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12 Chaucer Road image

12 Chaucer Road

12 Chaucer Road, CB2 7EB

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12 Westbrook image

12 Westbrook

12 Westbrook, PE28 9NW

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128 Greenhaze Lane image

128 Greenhaze Lane

128 Greenhaze Lane, CB23 5BH

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128 Jeavons Lane image

128 Jeavons Lane

128 Jeavons Lane, CB23 5JE

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13 Fenbridge image

13 Fenbridge

13 Fenbridge, CB23 5AD

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