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After many weeks of lockdown many of our gardens are now open. But we know there are many people who are not able to get out and visit and they have particularly enjoyed our Virtual Garden Visits. So even though we will not be adding new videos from the end of June, our library of nearly 200 garden videos will be constantly available here. And the Help Support our Nurses campaign continues to the end of the year so if you visit a garden or view a Virtual Garden Visit, do please consider a donation.



Thank you from our Chairman

National Garden Scheme Chairman, Martin McMillan, shares his thanks with all the garden owners, staff and supporters who have made the virtual garden visits so popular and looks forward to the opening of many more gardens – including his own – in the future

Warton Gardens, Lancashire

This beautifully filmed visit brings together everything that the National Garden Scheme stands for: beautiful gardens, inspirational planting, passionate garden owners and a wonderfully rich sense of wellbeing and community

Havoc Hall, Yorkshire

For the last 12 years, garden owners David and Maggie have created a spectacular garden from the blank canvas of lawn and paddocks that they inherited, bringing harmony to Havoc Hall

Blockley Gardens, Gloucestershire

There is a treasure trove of garden riches waiting to be discovered in the stunning village of Blockley; high quality, well-stocked gardens, large and small, old and new, all adored by their owners and created in harmony with nature

Mayfield Group, East Sussex

From colour-themed borders to courtyard gardens, classic cottage planting and wildlife meadows, the gardens in Mayfield all vary in size and style and showcase the charm and history of this chocolate-box setting

Acorns Children's Hospice, Worcestershire

The National Garden Scheme has long championed the concept of Gardens and Health, the sensory delights of a beautiful outdoor space planted to stimulate and help to improve a sense of wellbeing, speed recovery or bring restful respite

Paulmead, Gloucestershire

Nestled in The Cotswolds, Paulmead is a one acre garden that reflects the character and charm of its famous surroundings. In June, the herbaceous borders topple with summer blooms, birdsong fills the air and a soft flow of water gently makes its way down the stream

Stuart Cottage, Surrey

This pretty half acre partly walled garden has evolved over several years to create a charming cottage garden with generous planting, water features, pergola and so much more

Sandymere, Cheshire

An expansive garden created for plants and pleasure, Sandymere is an evolving classic packed full of colour and stunning water features just waiting to be discovered.

John's Garden, Staffordshire

A plantsman’s garden for all seasons, this is a garden created with passion and in close partnership with nature

The World Garden at Lullingstone Castle, Kent

This garden celebrates this flow of plants from overseas and the places they originated from inspired by the garden owners botanical travel over many years

Watlington House, Berkshire

Resurrected from a muddy car park in the heart of Reading this lovely garden takes inspiration from the past to provide a contemporary and peaceful oasis

22 Dan-y-Coed Road and 105 Heath Park Avenue, Cardiff

Friends with a love of gardening come together to share their evolving suburban gardens nurtured primarily for health and wellbeing

Hambledon House, Hampshire; Hart’s delight

Gardens and comedy don’t always go hand-in-hand, but in the Hart/Hart-Dyke family they certainly do. Miranda Hart is one of the country’s best-loved comedians and actors. Her mother, Diana, is one of the National Garden Scheme’s best-loved garden owners, who has opened her garden in the Hampshire village of Hambledon for decades. This wonderful film illustrates the shared love and delight that gardens and gardening can bring to all.

Hestercombe, Somerset

Three centuries of garden design combine in this stunning garden of romantic woodland walks and formal borders

Harlands Garden Trail, West Sussex

An eclectic mix of town gardens designed, built and maintained by busy people provide wonderful everyday inspiration

Wildwood, Surrey

Tucked away behind a charming 1930s gingerbread cottage this romantic cottage garden has over 50 varieties of roses, towering magnolia grandiflora and topiary

142 Cramptons Road, Kent

Anything is possible in a small garden as this suburban tapestry of plants chosen for texture, elegance and rarity proves

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