A tropical haven in Worcestershire

The National Garden Scheme has thousands of fabulous gardens to explore – from stately acres to tropical hideaways like 3 Oakhampton Road in Worcestershire – there is something inspirational for everyone. Enjoy a brief video tour and read on for more information about this haven for tropical plants.

Totally tropical

For owners David and Sandra Traynor their plan in spring 2016 was to create a garden with a decidedly tropical feel. Palms from around the world, tree ferns, bananas and many other strange and unusual plants from warmer climes that would normally be considered difficult to grow have become a tropical haven in Worcestershire. A pond and small waterfall add to the sense of jungle and a plant list of hundreds of exotics means there’s a world of tropical plants to explore.

“We moved into our home in Stourport in Spring 2016. The existing garden was predominantly a single 100ft lawn with a few established large conifers and shrubs,” explains David. “This was the perfect space to start our long awaited garden project. Both Sandra and I wanted an evergreen garden that would have colour and drama throughout the year, especially in the gloomy winter months. We started work straight away in April with the lawn being lifted and a large 35ft pool to house our existing koi collection dug out. Our aim throughout was to create an oasis space that made the most of our small garden space, and make our new green environment an immersive experience, with large plants being more dominant than in traditional gardens,  a manicured tropical forest experience with the person being dwarfed by much of the planting.

David and Sandra Traynor

David and Sandra Traynor

“By the end of the first summer, much of the main planting had been finished. By 2018, we were pleased to be allowed to open our new garden for the National Garden Scheme. From there on, things began to accelerate dramatically. The garden became more dominant in our lives with wide ranging media exposure and more visitors from across the country.”

With his background as a wildlife illustrator and graphic designer, the garden has brought David full circle, and through opening their garden, his life and work has changed completely, to the extent that David now works full time with the garden market, both managing a tropical plant nursery in the Cotswolds, together with consultancy and garden design. It’s been a haven for Sandra too.

“Since the start of the pandemic, Sandra has been working from home. Her office has been created within our conservatory, surrounded with large palms and tropical plants, together with an evergreen view down the garden and large pool. She has found this a real mental boost and release against the pressures of lockdown and isolation.

“The garden never stops, and continues to inspire us to constantly change and try to push boundaries ever further. We aim to layer our plants to create their own micro climate that in turn help to protect more tender plant types that may not be normally possible.

“Our garden, has not only been our haven, but has completely changed our lives for the better, in many ways.”

3 Oakhampton Road opens in 2024 on Sunday 16th June, 30th June, 14th July, 28th July, 25th August and Monday 26th August. Pre-booking available – click here for details



Plant lists

Ferns plant list

Unusual plants



Above: Just some of the plants grown by David and Sandra at 3 Oakhampton Road.


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