A Path to Health – Gardens and Health 2019

Our Gardens and Health programme raises awareness of the physical and mental health benefits of gardens and gardening.

In 2019 we are focusing on the importance of social prescribing and the role of gardening and gardens in helping to create a positive path to health. We have a host of inspiring stories about people whose lives have been transformed by their gardens, plus garden recommendations tailored to soothe your soul.

Discover more and join us on a path to health in 2019.

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More than a hobby, gardening is good for the mind and body too

Garden owner Joe Shannon was delighted when Mind was named as a National Garden Scheme beneficiary. Having suffered from mental health issues and volunteered at his local Mind shop for several years, he felt inspired to share his story about how gardening, and opening the garden he shares with his partner Alex, helps him cope with his mental illness.

Sharing her sanctuary

For Christine Lane, who lives with Parkinson’s, opening her garden for the National Garden Scheme is helping her focus on what she can do, rather than the things she can’t. The result is a beautiful sanctuary that makes Christine – and the people who visit – feel better.

Better than medicine - how gardens help grow your emotional and physical wellbeing

Visiting a garden, with a companion or otherwise, is a great form of social prescription – linking you to like-minded people in the presence of nature to nourish your soul. Counselling Directory helps us discover more about the benefits of gardens and gardening.

A garden for Harriet

When Amanda Goode lost her daughter to cancer, and the much hoped for baby she was carrying, it was her garden that helped Amanda find respite from her grief and started her on a journey to recovery.

Gardens for wellbeing

Our research has shown that visiting gardens is both good for your mental and physical health. Reconnecting with nature, creating time for yourself to relax and reflect, enjoying a sense of community with like minded people have all been proven to improve our general health and all of these aspects can be found at our garden openings. Take a look at a selection to get you started.

85% say garden visiting is good for the soul

New research conducted by the National Garden Scheme can reveal that visiting a private garden is good for the soul. Over 85% of our supporters report that being in a National Garden Scheme garden has a positive impact on their mental wellbeing and 8 out of 10 (80%) feel happier after visiting than before.


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