A Path to Health – Gardens and Health

Our Gardens and Health programme raises awareness of the physical and mental health benefits of gardens and gardening.

New Report: Gardens and Coronavirus 2020

A new report from the National Garden Scheme emphasises the vital role that gardens and outdoor spaces played – and continue to play – in the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the nation during lockdown. Bringing together feedback from garden owners, viewers of their unique Virtual Garden Visits that aired throughout lockdown, and an online survey conducted in August, the National Garden Scheme report confirms that the power of gardens to do good has never been more important. 

World Mental Health Day 2020

Supporting World Mental Health Day we look at how gardens can contribute to mental health for all

Gardening through the tough times

Jan Rogers shares her story of her tough lockdown experience and how gardening helped her – and her community – through

My garden is a kind of therapy for my mental wellbeing

Garden owner Dave Darwent talks about the power of opening his garden to his mental wellbeing.

The sanctuary of my garden in lockdown

Garden owner Amanda Cooper talks about the sanctuary of her garden during lockdown.

Gardens and Health Week 2020 launch from Rachel De Thame

Gardens and Health Week is being led by gardening broadcaster and National Garden Scheme Ambassador, Rachel de Thame. In her introduction to the week, filmed in her garden, Rachel speaks about the crucial role her garden played during 2018 and 2019 when she was diagnosed with and underwent treatment for breast cancer.

“My garden became a lifeline, it was a place of escape… but above all it offered me a sense of promise for the future, that glimmer of optimism kept me going through treatment.”

Maggie’s: Recuperative space and emotional support for people living with cancer

Award-winning landscape designer Dan Pearson leads us through the gardens he has designed for Maggie’s, creating places for recuperation and support.

Horatio’s Garden; finding hope for the future

Head gardener, Jacqui Martin-Lof, invites us in to the wonderful space designed by Joe Swift at the Stoke Mandeville spinal injuries centre

Positive partnerships

Garden owner Karen Mann tells of the important support she received from her local hospice and how her garden is helping her live with the loss of her son

Long Crendon; A community of gardeners

For over 40 years a village in Buckinghamshire has been opening its gardens for the National Garden Scheme not only raising funds for our beneficiaries but providing wonderful health benefits for all involved.

The healing power of trees

Daily fresh air is invaluable right now. The benefits of trees and woods on our mental and physical health are seemingly limitless – time spent in woodland is never wasted – and could even give you more than just a spring in your step.

Enter the garden of your imagination

Whether you have a garden of your own or simply want to be transported to one you can enjoy a specially scripted guided garden meditation with Landscape Architect, Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness Coach, Lise Jolly.

Visit a garden: ‘It’s a renewal of yourself’

As part of our Gardens and Health programme we offer free garden visits for the service users linked to our beneficiary charities. Offering a few hours respite in a beautiful garden with a cup of tea, a piece of cake and good company really can help lift the spirits.

Sharing her sanctuary

For Christine Lane, who lives with Parkinson’s, opening her garden for the National Garden Scheme is helping her focus on what she can do, rather than the things she can’t. The result is a beautiful sanctuary that makes Christine – and the people who visit – feel better.

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