Gardens & Health

Our Gardens & Health programme raises awareness of the physical and mental health benefits of gardens and gardening for everyone. Celebrated in May each year with a dedicated Gardens & Health Week (7-15 May in 2022), we work to promote gardens and health throughout the year, linking service users from our beneficiaries with free garden visits and funding garden and health projects.

Gardens and Health Week 2021: Gardens are good for you

The National Garden Scheme marked its annual  Gardens & Health Week in May with the launch of comprehensive proof that gardens are good for you. Our  interactive, digital booklet  entitled  The Little Yellow Book of Gardens and Health  is packed with  stories and  case studies from garden owners, garden visitors  and beneficiaries  who have found solace and  improved health and  wellbeing by immersing themselves  in  nature.

Sharing her sanctuary

For Christine Lane, who lives with Parkinson’s, opening her garden for the National Garden Scheme is helping her focus on what she can do, rather than the things she can’t. The result is a beautiful sanctuary that makes Christine – and the people who visit – feel better

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