An exceptional garden provides a warm welcome to students and staff from Treloar School & College

For over 90 years the National Garden Scheme has been opening exceptional private gardens to the public and raising millions for nursing and health charities. One of those exceptional gardens is The Thatched Cottage, next to Massey’s Folly in Upper Farringdon, Hampshire which on Tuesday 25 June opened its gates to students from Treloar School & College in Alton, the UK’s leading centre for severely disabled children and young people and one of the National Garden Scheme’s beneficiaries.

“Welcoming the students and staff to the garden is a real pleasure,” said garden owner David Horton. “They seem to really enjoy their visits and they certainly brighten up our day.”

Students and staff from Treloars in the garden at The Thatched Cottage

Students and staff from Treloars in the garden at The Thatched Cottage

For Felix, Debbie, Dan and Tabitha exploring the garden nestled behind the 500 year old cottage, luxuriant with herbaceous borders, banks of fragrant roses and swathes of poppies was a great adventure. Learning about pollination in the classroom, the students were able to bring their studies to life, watching the bees busy in the flowers and finding out more about how the important process works.

Adding to the truly sensory experience were close encounters with the garden’s Call ducks and chickens and a friendly hello from the owners dogs Archie, Squid and Juicy.

Debbie meets one of the ducks at the Thatched Cottage

Debbie meets one of the ducks at the Thatched Cottage

For Cally and David Horton, who garden full time at the cottage, sharing their gorgeous grounds with others is at the heart of what they do.

“There’s really nothing better than people enjoying the garden and, when we open for the National Garden Scheme, raising money for charity too,” said Cally.

After refreshments and a final farewell to the ducks, the students – and support staff – were reluctant to leave the beautiful garden with many promising to return with their families for the open day on June 30.

“Bringing the garden owners and beneficiaries together is so important to the charity,” adds National Garden Scheme CEO, George Plumptre. “That everyone can experience the wonderful health and wellbeing benefits of visiting our gardens is at the heart of what we do.”

“Being welcomed into a garden like The Thatched Cottage is a real treat for our students and staff,” said Lucinda Gillingham of Treloar’s. “Along with important learning opportunities it also gives a wonderful sense of escape and we were all completely in awe of the beautiful garden at The Thatched Cottage.”

You can enjoy a visit to Cally and David’s garden at The Thatched Cottage, Church Road, Upper Farringdon, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 3EG this Sunday June 30 and again on July 21, August 18, September 1. The admission price also gives you access to the garden at neighbouring Berry Cottage. Details here



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