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Rose Gardens

The National Garden Scheme gives visitors access to 1512 of the best Rose Gardens to enjoy.

Your visits and donations to these private gardens raise important funds for Charitable causes across the UK.

Thanks to the generosity of owners opening gardens for free NGS was able to raise and donate over £3.4 million to charities last year. We hope to top this in 2024 with more beautiful gardens open for you to visit this year than ever before.

2024 Highlights

  • 1512
    Gardens to visit in the UK
  • 71
    Gardens in Oxfordshire
  • 67
    Gardens in Dorset
  • 67
    Gardens in Kent
  • 64
    Gardens in London
69 Antill Road image

69 Antill Road

69 Antill Road, E3 5BT

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75 Canonbie Road image

75 Canonbie Road

75 Canonbie Road, SE23 3AQ

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29 Lowther Hill image

29 Lowther Hill

29 Lowther Hill, SE23 1PZ

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75 Bampton Road image

75 Bampton Road

75 Bampton Road, SE23 2AX

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Vicarage House image

Vicarage House

Vicarage House, IP24 1PE

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Wensum Farmhouse image

Wensum Farmhouse

Wensum Farmhouse, PE31 8SZ

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The White Cottage image

The White Cottage

The White Cottage, PE31 8TD

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The Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House image

The Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House

The Norfolk Hospice, PE31 6BH

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Mansard House image

Mansard House

Mansard House, IP31 1AR

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Wolfe Hall image

Wolfe Hall

Wolfe Hall, IP29 5EZ

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The Old Vicarage image

The Old Vicarage

The Old Vicarage, IP14 6JH

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Westley Waterless Gardens image

Westley Waterless Gardens

Westley Waterless Gardens, CB8 0RL

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Gables image


Gables, PL14 4EL

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Tresithney image


Tresithney, TR26 3JE

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Dobwalls Gardens image

Dobwalls Gardens

Dobwalls Gardens, PL14 4LR

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Trevina House image

Trevina House

Trevina House, PL14 6NR

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34 High Street image

34 High Street

34 High Street, DE65 6GD

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2 Brooklands Avenue image

2 Brooklands Avenue

2 Brooklands Avenue, DE4 4AB

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Mill Cottage image

Mill Cottage

Mill Cottage, DE4 4AB

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Gorsey Bank Gardens image

Gorsey Bank Gardens

Gorsey Bank Gardens, DE4 4AB

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North Bowood Farmhouse image

North Bowood Farmhouse

North Bowood Farmhouse, DT6 5JL

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Sheepwash Barn image

Sheepwash Barn

Sheepwash Barn, DT6 6HH

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The Potting Shed image

The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed, DT9 5QN

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Pipsford Farm image

Pipsford Farm

Pipsford Farm, DT8 3NT

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Spa Cottage image

Spa Cottage

Spa Cottage, CB11 4SJ

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St Osyth Priory image

St Osyth Priory

St Osyth Priory, CO16 8GW

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Stowford House image

Stowford House

Stowford House, CO12 5JA

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17 Elm Road image

17 Elm Road

17 Elm Road, CO16 9LP

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39 Fairways Avenue image

39 Fairways Avenue

39 Fairways Avenue, GL16 8RP

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Little Orchard Kempley Dymock image

Little Orchard Kempley Dymock

Little Orchard Kempley Dymock, GL18 2BU

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The Closes image

The Closes

The Closes, GL6 7JG

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75 Salisbury Road image

75 Salisbury Road

75 Salisbury Road, CT14 7QL

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99 High Street image

99 High Street

99 High Street, TN30 6LB

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Hospice in the Weald image

Hospice in the Weald

Hospice in the Weald, TN2 4TA

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Thames House image

Thames House

Thames House, DA12 2BD

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The Old Rectory image

The Old Rectory

The Old Rectory, LE9 9NN

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St Wolstan’s House image

St Wolstan’s House

St Wolstan’s House, LE18 3RA

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182 Ashby Road image

182 Ashby Road

182 Ashby Road, LE10 1SW

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Aswarby House image

Aswarby House

Aswarby House, NG34 8SE

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Home Farm image

Home Farm

Home Farm, PE9 4HA

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Aswarby Park image

Aswarby Park

Aswarby Park, NG34 8SD

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23 Handley Street image

23 Handley Street

23 Handley Street, NG34 9RZ

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Riverside image


Riverside, TF9 1JH

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Bramble Cottage image

Bramble Cottage

Bramble Cottage, SY4 1JG

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Brooches House image

Brooches House

Brooches House, SY7 9AB

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The Homestead image

The Homestead

The Homestead, SY13 3DY

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1 Turnpike Cottages image

1 Turnpike Cottages

1 Turnpike Cottages, GU34 4JQ

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The Old Rectory, Wickham image

The Old Rectory, Wickham

The Old Rectory, PO17 6HR

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Mill House image

Mill House

Mill House, RG24 9HU

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Ladybower image


Ladybower, GU51 3LR

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Eaton Bishop Gardens image

Eaton Bishop Gardens

Eaton Bishop Gardens, HR2 9QD

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Wainfield image


Wainfield, HR9 6LJ

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Revilo image


Revilo, HR4 8AZ

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Broxwood Court image

Broxwood Court

Broxwood Court, HR6 9JJ

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115 Millhouses Lane image

115 Millhouses Lane

115 Millhouses Lane, S7 2HD

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Langdale End image

Langdale End

Langdale End, YO43 3PQ

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Shiptonthorpe Gardens image

Shiptonthorpe Gardens

Shiptonthorpe Gardens, YO43 3PQ

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Langton Farm image

Langton Farm

Langton Farm, DL7 0TA

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The Old Granary image

The Old Granary

The Old Granary, EX22 7QS

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Weston House image

Weston House

Weston House, EX10 8SJ

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Rudd Cottage image

Rudd Cottage

Rudd Cottage, EX31 4PL

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Wyndham Croft image

Wyndham Croft

Wyndham Croft, TQ12 6BQ

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Dodford Gardens image

Dodford Gardens

Dodford Gardens, NN7 4SX

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7 Burnham Way image

7 Burnham Way

7 Burnham Way, NN6 7WU

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Three Corners image

Three Corners

Three Corners, NN7 4LD

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Mere Folly image

Mere Folly

Mere Folly, OX7 6DZ

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The Summerhouse image

The Summerhouse

The Summerhouse, OX7 6DG

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Tythe Barn image

Tythe Barn

Tythe Barn, OX44 9AZ

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Shrubbery Cottage image

Shrubbery Cottage

Shrubbery Cottage, OX15 5RG

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The Old Rectory, Farnborough image

The Old Rectory, Farnborough

The Old Rectory, OX12 8NX

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Perham House image

Perham House

Perham House, TA10 0NN

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Wick Farm image

Wick Farm

Wick Farm, TA10 0NL

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Wick Gardens image

Wick Gardens

Wick Gardens, TA10 0NL

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Standerwick Court image

Standerwick Court

Standerwick Court, BA11 2PP

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