Picture perfect: Algars Manor, Gloucestershire

Nestled beside the River Frome, Algars Manor in Gloucestershire is a garden that could inspire painters, as well as horticulturists. This two-acre woodland garden, connected by a ‘Monet bridge’ mixes native plants with collections of 60 magnolias and 70 camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, eucalyptus and other unusual trees and shrubs.

Join us for an extended walk through the garden, and enjoy the sunshine as its glimmers through the trees in this wooded wonderland.


Three generations have lived and gardened together at Algars Manor. The garden was bought in the 1950s, and Garden Owner, John Naish, invested all his energy away from his busy job as a Hospital Consultant into creating this idyllic riverside garden; filled with magnolias, camellias and rhododendrons as well as many native wildflowers and shrubs. His widow, Barbara and one of his daughters, Sonya and her family, now live and garden together continuing his legacy and his life’s passion.

For those who work in this garden, gardening has always been their way of unwinding. It offers beauty and tranquility, as well as good physical labour to lift the spirits and inspire the soul.

The family first opened the garden for the National Garden Scheme in 1957 and since then have raised over £35,000.

“We love the open days,” the Naish family comment. “Raising money, but also sharing our garden and seeing the pleasure it brings to other people as they wander through. We will miss opening this year very much; especially when nature is needed all the more in these difficult times. So we have instead made this video, which we hope you will enjoy and feel inspired to support the work of the National Garden Scheme. We look forward to welcoming you back in person in 2021.”

The garden opens alongside Algars Mill, be sure to mark both these gardens as a favourite to visit when the gates open again.

This film is being released during our Gardens and Health Week. For more information click here

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