Charity shop finds and paper plates can make your garden party great!

You don’t have to spend lots of money to come up with some great looks for your Great British Garden Party and, because of the government restrictions on numbers, it’s actually easier to make a small but beautiful impact!

Some of the National Garden Scheme team got together to see what they could come up with just using things they had around their homes.

“It was great fun blowing the dust off charity shop finds, digging out ends of rolls of fabric and long-forgotten vases, taking covers off the beds and adding a few favourite pieces to create different looks,” says Vicky Flynn.

“Beautifying our home-made cakes with flowers and fruit from the garden was much easier than icing them and you could do the same for shop bought cakes too,” adds Anna Wili.

“Even the plain paper plates looked good when we added coloured paper napkins,” says Elena Pearce.

So, whether you’re hosting a lunch, dinner, coffee morning or afternoon tea why not take inspiration from what you have around your own home and garden. You’ll be amazed what you can do!

Left to right: An old roll of fabric makes a colourful tablecloth; flowers and home baking add colour to a coffee morning with book swap; mismatched charity shop china and flowers from the garden create a pretty tea table; apples, plums and zinnias from the garden add late summer colour.


Left to right: Covers and cushions usually in the bedroom finished off this lunchtime look; even the paper plates look good when teamed with colourful paper napkins, home baking and flowers from the garden.  

For more information about hosting a safe, socially distanced garden party read our guide here



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