Fawley House, Yorkshire; blending the old with the new

From the very first snowdrops in January to the last leaves in autumn, Fawley House in Yorkshire is a garden that delights all year round.

Since 2007, Louise Martin and her family have been gardening here, and in just over ten years they have transformed this 150-year-old garden into what it is today.

Join Louise for a walk through her garden for a glimpse at Fawley House in springtime, complete with swathes of bluebells, a white border and a productive vegetable garden.

For Louise, her favourite part of the garden is in early spring underneath the enormous copper beech. Here there is a succession of snowdrops and aconites, followed by scilla, chionodoxa and lastly bluebells. When the scilla and chionodoxa are out, the garden is a spectacular blue carpet and is the reason Fawley House opens for the scheme in March. The wild side of the stream is also a firm favourite for Louise, a tranquil area of the garden teeming with wildlife.

“I get a lot of satisfaction from the veg patch and growing our own organic vegetables.” Louise comments. “My parents were farmers, so it’s in the blood – although my father would be very disappointed by last year’s potato crop!” Louise makes sure not to use artificial fertiliser, lots of compost and the chickens play a part too!

Amongst the vegetables grown in the garden, it’s the asparagus and globe artichokes which are Louise’s favourites. Grown from seed they are great to look at, and make wonderful architectural plants.

“My advice to anyone starting a veg patch would be to grow vegetables which are easy and not demolished by caterpillars! Courgettes and beans are good to get going, as well as perhaps a line or tub of chives and coriander. You could also try a couple of tomato plants and cucumbers in grow bags in a sunny, sheltered spot if you do not have a greenhouse.”


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