Get into gardening

With all of us spending more time at home currently, it may inspire you to do more with your own garden or even to try gardening for the first time. But where do you start?
Here you’ll find tips and hints plus stories from our garden owners about how they got into gardening …

Starting a garden from scratch

From an acre of undeveloped land to a gardener’s paradise, Allison Walter, County Organiser for Shropshire, shares her gardening story and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

Now is the time to get busy in your garden…what the apprehensive gardener can do

How lucky are those who have a garden – even if you have now to work from home you will have the time you normally spent commuting, to get into it and to enjoy some uplift in your life doing something specific which you have never had time to do before.

How to create a springtime display

At this time of year, spring blooms such as Muscari and primroses can be removed from the soil to bring colour and joy to both your home and garden.

Growing with confidence

For five years the National Gardens Scheme has supported a traineeship at The Garden Museum – with the Leffman Trust – designed for a recent graduate in horticulture of particular talent to explore options within the horticultural industry. He or she is based at the Museum, working alongside Head Gardener Matt Collins, but also has ten placements in other gardens, from private gardens by leading designers to established scientific collections.

Late bloomer...

When Geoff Stonebanks was given the option to retire early at 51, he sold up in the city and moved to the South Coast. After viewing 140 houses he and his partner could only agree on one, Driftwood, a property with a front lawn facing the sea and a back garden with a path and borders that blurred into the lawn.

Shaping a future in gardening

Pete Saunders has gardening in his blood. Despite being the fifth generation in his family to pick up the garden tools it wasn’t a career that he had originally considered.

Ross Lee – from pound shop to perfection

Seeing Ross Lee, 27, standing in his gloriously luscious garden it’s hard to believe that less than two years ago the small plot was little more than grass. For Ross, moving into his own house with a garden was the beginning of a new obsession…

Jack Wallington – back to his roots

For Jack Wallington, rediscovering his childhood love of growing and caring for plants in his thirties changed his life.

Gardens with year round interest: six superlong flowerers to keep the show going

All too often our gardens look wonderful at the start of summer but then start to fade away as the season progresses. Sarah Pajwani from St Timothee garden in Berkshire shares six of her favourite super-long, easy flowerers that keep borders full of interest right through until the first frosts.

Discover Tuppenny Barn this summer and step into a wonderful world of organic, sustainable gardening

Founded in 2005, the ethos of this Sussex-based educational charity is simple: to help educate children, and the wider community, to love the great outdoors and to grow their own food organically and sustainably.

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