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Thank you for visiting the National Garden Scheme website.  We want to ensure you find the perfect garden to visit so here is some information to help make the most of our find a garden search.

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Getting started

To start searching for your perfect garden simply

  1. Type in your region, county or town (and click on the correct one on the dropdown list) or postcode. If using postcodes please ensure you enter a full postcode and not just part of it.
  2. Then select the date range that you wish to search for.
  3. Then click find a garden.

Type in a town, county or region and then click on the relevant one before selecting the dates and finally clicking find a garden

You will then get a list of gardens in opening date order.  These will all be regular open days but if you wish to view other types of gardens open e.g. visit by arrangement gardens, simply click on any of the other tabs to change your selection.

Click on any of the tabs to see the different types of garden openings available.

If you search by county or region you will see all the gardens open in that defined area for the dates you have specified.  With a town or postcode search you will see gardens within a 25 mile radius of the town or postcode specified.

Looking for a more defined search?

If you want to find gardens closer to home of a bit further afield then please use the distance slider a bit further up the page.  This can also be helpful at quieter times of the year when there are less gardens open. (Please note you cannot adjust distance for county or region searches, it will always just show the gardens in that county or region)

You can also use the additional filters to find gardens with special interests or features.

Add filters to define your search and to change the distance

What are the different types of gardens you have open?

There are 4 main types of garden openings on offer – regular openings, group openings, visit by arrangement and ticketed events.

Regular openings – Gardens that have regular openings open on a specific day for the National Garden Scheme. You can just turn up during their specified hours and enjoy the garden.

Group openings – A group opening is when a number of gardens open together on the same day.

Visit by arrangement – By arrangement gardens welcome visitors on pre-agreed dates. Please contact the garden owner to discuss your requirements and arrange a date for a group or bespoke visit.

Ticketed gardens – these are our special events. You will need to pre book a ticket and numbers may be limited. If a garden requires pre-booking you will see the green tag below. Follow the instruction on the garden listing to book your ticket.

Anything else?

If you need any further assistance finding your perfect garden to visit then please do get in contact – email – or call 01483 211535 during office hours.

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