Press, Publicity and Social Media

In this section you will find useful guidelines for promoting the National Garden Scheme regionally on social media, and in newspapers, magazines and on the radio etc. There will also be campaign-specific resources available to help you promote things like Gardens and Health  on your channels.

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If you’re new to publicity for the National Garden Scheme we have created a ‘tips on getting started’ document, which you can download from the drop-down below. If you need any press contacts for your region or any advice about gaining publicity, please contact Vicky by calling 01483 213908 or emailing [email protected]

Social media

In addition to the templates, more detailed how to guides and training videos available below, in the drop-down menu you will find many other useful resources. If you need any advice about promoting your region on social media, please contact Elena by calling 01483 213904 or emailing [email protected]

Social Media guidelines 2020

Click here to download the social media guidelines 2020


We have produced a number of editable templates for you to use to create social media posts.  They are housed in the .ppt file below and come with instructions on how to edit them.

Social media templates

How to guides

We have produced some guides on using things like Instagram stories and Twitter threads on social media

How to guides

Beneficiary videos

Our beneficiaries have made a number of videos explaining what our donations mean to them.  They are great content to share across social media.  Here are some links for them. Just copy and paste the links and share on your social media channels.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77JhCUCC6yM&t=3s – Herry and Macmillan

https://youtu.be/3osWdF1hnKw – Sal and Macmillan

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVB4GPSQ3Ww&t=76s – Maggie’s

https://vimeo.com/291070106/66c92f7ec8 – Marie Curie

https://youtu.be/jaVsjVadWz0 – Parkinson’s

General Publicity and Social Media resources

Publicity Officer resources

Social Media Officer resources

Promoting By Arrangement gardens

Photography and video resources

Local radio hints and tips

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Our donations in 2023

Donor 1
Donor 2 £450,000
Donor 3 £450,000
Donor 4 £450,000
Donor 5 £425,000
Donor 6 £350,000
Donor 7 £350,000
Donor 8
Donor 9 £100,000
Donor 10 £90,000
Donor 11 £80,000
Donor 12 £281,000
Donor 13 £260,000