The Living Tree cancer support group visit Hogchester Farm, Dorset

As part of our Gardens & Health programme, the Living Tree, a cancer support group based in Bridport were nominated, for the support they offer by running an allotment, by Macmillan Cancer Support to visit a National Garden Scheme garden this summer. The visit was arranged with Hogchester Farm for the 1st August 2022.

The group arrived at the Hogchester Wildflower Meadows on a glorious sunny day with breath-taking views across Charmouth Bay. Tea, coffee and the farm’s freshly pressed apple juice fortified everyone while garden owner and host Rob gave a short talk about the work of the farm and how the meadows are being developed to support the environment.

Commenting on the visit Diane said: “It’s idyllic here. We are so fortunate to be invited to take time out. It’s an inspirational place with what they are trying to do here with the ecosystem.”

Feeling refreshed, people wandered along the meadows’ mown paths to explore, find the labyrinth, and gather wildflower seeds. Others just stayed in the shade to chat while taking in the peaceful surroundings and distant views.


Macmillan Cancer Support provided a light picnic lunch which everyone relished, with the fresh air seeming to make everyone extra hungry. Whether catching up, walking or just sitting quietly, everyone enjoyed the time to just “be”.

Karen said: “Thank you all so much for a lovely day with the Living Tree at Hogchester Farm. I had no idea this beautiful place was just a stone’s throw off the busy main road. It was so lovely to both sit, wander and talk to other members. We always seem to be in such a rush, this was very relaxing.”

Rob from Hogchester Farm said: “It was a pleasure to host the group and I thought the atmosphere was really gentle and positive. I invite you to keep in mind what Hogchester has to offer in terms of a nature space and place of therapy. Hope to see you all again sometime!”


Visits to National Garden Scheme gardens are offered to staff and service users from the beneficiary charities that we support as part of our Gardens & Health programme. They provide a moment of respite and restoration for many. This year our garden owners and partners have also hosted visits in Hampshire for a local Parkinson’s UK group (click here to read more) and at the London Wetland Centre at Barnes for young carers (click here).

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