The National Garden Scheme commits funding to develop more ‘incredible sanctuaries’ at NHS Spinal Injury Centres

The National Garden Scheme has been opening the gates of exceptional gardens since 1927 providing access to stunning private gardens and raising millions for nursing and health charities. This passion for gardens and for the benefits that gardens can have on physical and mental health are the drivers behind a new commitment from the charity to help Horatio’s Garden fund the completion of all eleven gardens at NHS spinal injury centres across the UK.

Commenting on the funding commitment, National Garden Scheme CEO, George Plumptre said: “We have been supporting Horatio’s Garden since 2015 and have donated a total of £255,000 to-date to help develop these incredible sanctuaries at NHS spinal injury centres. With four gardens complete, this year we have committed additional support for the seven remaining gardens with £150,000 for each garden over a two year period. With each garden estimated to cost £600,000 the National Garden Scheme is pledging 25% of the total cost for each garden.”

In September 2018, Mary Berry, President of the National Garden Scheme and a Supporter of Horatio’s Garden, attended the opening of the new garden at the spinal injury centre at Stoke Mandeville. Speaking at the launch of the National Garden Scheme for 2019 this spring Mary said:

“All of us at the National Garden Scheme believe passionately in the health benefits that gardens can bring to everyone’s health and wellbeing and as President of the National Garden Scheme, which provided the largest single donation to the funding of the garden at Stoke Mandeville, it was a proud moment for me to attend the opening. That the National Garden Scheme is committing itself to be a major funder of future Horatio’s Gardens means there is a great future for all these gardens.

Horatio’s Gardens demonstrates that for people who have suffered life-changing accidents access to the gardens can revolutionise their lives and be a major part of their recovery. It seems to be a marriage made in heaven and I look forward to developing the partnership around the country in the coming years.”

With support from the National Garden Scheme, two Horatio’s Gardens have or are due to open in Buckinghamshire and Shropshire. The beautiful garden for patients at the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, which has been designed by Joe Swift, opened in September 2018 and the garden at the Midland’s spinal injury centre in Oswestry, designed by Bunny Guinness, is due to open in 2020.

For more on our work with Horatio’s Gardens click here.

Pictured above is Mary Berry at the launch of the Horatio’s Garden at Stoke Mandeville in September 2018. From left to right Joe Swift, Head Gardener Jacqui , Mary Berry, Olivia Chapple and Lady Radnor.

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