Celebrating a perfect partnership with Parkinson’s UK

Photo: President of the National Garden Scheme, Dame Mary Berry with President of Parkinson’s UK, Jane Asher joined by garden owners, nurses and senior management from both charities including Parkinson’s CEO Caroline Rassell (standing second left) National Garden Scheme Chairman Rupert Tyler (third left) and National Garden Scheme CEO, George Plumptre (standing second right)


A special event at The Garden Museum in London marked the tenth anniversary of the National Garden Scheme’s support for Parkinson’s UK this August. Since 2012, National Garden Scheme garden openings have donated almost £1.5 million to the charity enabling them to fund 17 new nursing posts across the UK.

“Thanks to the support of the National Garden Scheme we believe in excess of 7,000 people now have access to a nurse and vital support when previously they did not. We could not be more proud of this partnership and the wonderful support shown by all the garden owners, volunteers and staff at the National Garden Scheme in helping us achieve so much,” said Parkinson’s Chief Executive, Caroline Rassell. “There is still much to do, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership and continuing to create new nursing posts to provide the highest quality of care to those who need it.”

“It is wonderful to see the impact of our support for Parkinson’s UK through the creation of these new nursing posts which enable the delivery of quality care and services to so many,” added National Garden Scheme Chairman, Rupert Tyler. “It is also incredibly uplifting to recognise the role that gardening and gardens can play to those living with Parkinson’s.”

Three garden owners with Parkinson’s attended the event in person, each testifying to the positive benefits that their gardens play in managing their conditions.

“I’ve seen first hand the wonderful positivity that gardens and gardening provide to those with Parkinson’s which make this partnership between our two charities so perfect,” said Parkinson’s UK President, Jane Asher who introduced a video of  garden owner, Brian Bailey (see below). “There is such a special link between our two organisations and I look forward to seeing it grow.”

National Garden Scheme President, Dame Mary Berry, joined Jane Asher to present anniversary gifts generously donated by Emma Bridgewater, to the nurses and garden owners in attendance and to cut the celebratory cake.

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Partnership highlights:

  • Almost £1.5 million has been donated to help deliver better care, treatments and quality of life for those living with Parkinson’s
  • Since our partnership started in 2012, the National Garden Scheme has helped fund 17 new nurse posts across the UK
  • On average each Parkinson’s nurse supports over 300 people living with Parkinson’s
  • Thanks to the support of the National Garden Scheme over 7,000 people now have access to a nurse and vital support when previously they did not
  • National Garden Scheme funding means we’re supporting over 7,000 people living with Parkinson’s


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