All National Garden Scheme gardens to close in current Coronavirus crisis

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In light of events unfolding over the weekend in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19) the Trustees of the National Garden Scheme have taken the difficult decision to ask all the charity’s garden owners not to open their gardens until further notice.

Commenting on the decision Chief Executive George Plumptre said:

“It became clear very quickly over the weekend that containing the spread of the Coronavirus through managing social distancing and preventing people from travelling unacceptable distances has become a priority for the public good. This is the first time in the charity’s 93 year history that all the gardens have been closed. Even during the Second World War and the swine flu pandemic of 2009-2010 many gardens remained open. We hope, very much, to be welcoming visitors back to National Garden Scheme gardens very soon.”

With a significant fall in funding inevitable people can continue to support the National Garden Scheme and its beneficiaries by making a donation in lieu of the gardens they may have visited by clicking here to donate

The National Garden Scheme’s history, its portfolio of exceptional private gardens and its support of nursing, health and community-based charities is full of stories of hope and of people coming together to create peaceful spaces, reduce isolation and to find respite. Although we won’t be able to share all of those stories with you in person over the coming weeks, we’ll continue to share them via our website and social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

George Plumptre
Chief Executive, National Garden Scheme


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In the current Coronavirus crisis the National Garden Scheme and its garden owners are working together to share with you great stories, tips, hints and virtual garden tours to bring the beautiful gardens currently behind closed gates to life. With our gardens closed, we face an 80% reduction in income in 2020, so if you enjoy this content please consider making a donation in support of the National Garden Scheme.

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