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Gardens in Herefordshire

The National Garden Scheme gives visitors access to 40 of the best gardens in Herefordshire.

Your visits and donations to private gardens near Herefordshire raise important funds for Charitable causes across the UK.

Thanks to the generosity of owners opening gardens for free NGS was able to raise and donate over £3.4 million to charities last year. We hope to top this in 2024 with more beautiful gardens open in Herefordshire for you to visit this year than ever before.


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    Private Gardens to visit in Herefordshire
  • 13
    Historical Gardens in Herefordshire
  • 17
    Dog Friendly Gardens in Herefordshire
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    Child Friendly Gardens in Herefordshire
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30 Orchard Green image

30 Orchard Green

30 Orchard Green, HR1 3ED

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Archways image


Archways, HR2 8LG

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Aulden Farm image

Aulden Farm

Aulden Farm, HR6 0JT

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Brockhampton Cottage image

Brockhampton Cottage

Brockhampton Cottage, HR1 4TQ

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Broxwood Court image

Broxwood Court

Broxwood Court, HR6 9JJ

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Bury Court Farmhouse image

Bury Court Farmhouse

Bury Court Farmhouse, HR6 9UP

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Castle Moat House image

Castle Moat House

Castle Moat House, HR4 8HZ

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Coddington Vineyard image

Coddington Vineyard

Coddington Vineyard, HR8 1JJ

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Eaton Bishop Gardens image

Eaton Bishop Gardens

Eaton Bishop Gardens, HR2 9QD

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Grendon Court image

Grendon Court

Grendon Court, HR9 7QP

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Herbfarmacy image


Herbfarmacy, HR3 6NB

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Hereford Cathedral Gardens image

Hereford Cathedral Gardens

Hereford Cathedral Gardens, HR1 2NG

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Hillcroft image


Hillcroft, LD8 2HY

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Hillcroft at Dilwyn image

Hillcroft at Dilwyn

Hillcroft at Dilwyn, HR4 8JF

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Ivy Croft image

Ivy Croft

Ivy Croft, HR6 0JN

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Kentchurch Court image

Kentchurch Court

Kentchurch Court, HR2 0DB

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Lower Hope image

Lower Hope

Lower Hope, HR1 3JF

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Marden Village Gardens image

Marden Village Gardens

Marden Village Gardens, HR1 3DX

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Martins Croft image

Martins Croft

Martins Croft, HR2 9QD

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Millfield House image

Millfield House

Millfield House, HR2 9QS

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Moors Meadow Gardens image

Moors Meadow Gardens

Moors Meadow Gardens, HR7 4LZ

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Old Grove image

Old Grove

Old Grove, HR9 6HA

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Perrycroft image


Perrycroft, WR13 6DN

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Poole Cottage image

Poole Cottage

Poole Cottage, HR9 6HX

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Ralph Court Gardens image

Ralph Court Gardens

Ralph Court Gardens, HR7 4LU

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Revilo image


Revilo, HR4 8AZ

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Rhodds Farm image

Rhodds Farm

Rhodds Farm, HR5 3LW

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Sheepcote image


Sheepcote, HR8 2RD

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Southbourne & Pine Lodge image

Southbourne & Pine Lodge

Southbourne & Pine Lodge, HR1 3JR

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Stockton Bury Gardens image

Stockton Bury Gardens

Stockton Bury Gardens, HR6 0HA

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The Garden of the Wind at Middle Hunt House image

The Garden of the Wind at Middle Hunt House

The Garden of the Wind at Middle Hunt House, HR2 0DY

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The Laskett Gardens image

The Laskett Gardens

The Laskett Gardens, HR2 8HZ

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The Old Post Office image

The Old Post Office

The Old Post Office, HR2 9QD

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The Picton Garden image

The Picton Garden

The Picton Garden, WR13 6QE

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The Vine image

The Vine

The Vine, HR1 4EX

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Wainfield image


Wainfield, HR9 6LJ

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Well House image

Well House

Well House, HR2 8RT

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Weston Hall image

Weston Hall

Weston Hall, HR9 7NS

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White House image

White House

White House, HR2 9QD

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Whitfield image


Whitfield, HR2 9BA

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Many gardens offer plants for sale, please visit the individual listings for more information. Here are some suggestions: 30 Orchard Green, Eaton Bishop Gardens, Archways.

Our database has at least 12 gardens in Herefordshire that showcase stunning autumn colours. Here are some suggestions to get you started: Old Grove, Revilo, Bury Court Farmhouse.

Some garden owners are happily accommodating group visits; Millfield House, Wainfield, Castle Moat House have recently been listed with NGS. Please use the filters above to find more and make sure to check which gardens allow group visits by arrangement only.

Absolutely. NGS currently lists 22 gardens in Herefordshire that strive to ensure that all visitors are able to enjoy a positive experience. Please try and keep to the paths, particularly in wet conditions, and make sure to read each garden's information to make the best of your visit.

Herefordshire boasts a wide variety of local and exotic plants, to suit most plant lovers in all seasons. We currently list 7 bluebell gardens, 12 gardens with naturalised daffodils, 12 gardens offering hundreds of eye-catching dahlias, 15 fragrant rose gardens, 11 tulip gardens, and 4 gardens with snowdrops, as well as 27 wildlife gardens.