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Gardens in Northamptonshire

The National Garden Scheme gives visitors access to 124 of the best gardens in Northamptonshire.

Your visits and donations to private gardens near Northamptonshire raise important funds for Charitable causes across the UK.

Thanks to the generosity of owners opening gardens for free NGS was able to raise and donate over £3.4 million to charities last year. We hope to top this in 2024 with more beautiful gardens open in Northamptonshire for you to visit this year than ever before.


  • 124
    Private Gardens to visit in Northamptonshire
  • 30
    Historical Gardens in Northamptonshire
  • 58
    Dog Friendly Gardens in Northamptonshire
  • 13
    Child Friendly Gardens in Northamptonshire
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1 Church Gardens image

1 Church Gardens

1 Church Gardens, NN6 8EY

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1 Church Street image

1 Church Street

1 Church Street, NN11 3ET

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1 Fermoy Court image

1 Fermoy Court

1 Fermoy Court, NN7 4JP

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1 Hinwick Close image

1 Hinwick Close

1 Hinwick Close, NN15 6GB

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1 Yew Tree Gardens image

1 Yew Tree Gardens

1 Yew Tree Gardens, NN7 4HB

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11 High Street image

11 High Street

11 High Street, NN6 8HZ

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12 Rugby Road image

12 Rugby Road

12 Rugby Road, CV23 8XX

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136 High Street image

136 High Street

136 High Street, NN29 7AB

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14 Pine Court image

14 Pine Court

14 Pine Court, NN7 4EZ

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15 Syers Green Close image

15 Syers Green Close

15 Syers Green Close, NN6 7QW

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16 Ace Lane image

16 Ace Lane

16 Ace Lane, NN7 3PQ

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16 Leys Avenue image

16 Leys Avenue

16 Leys Avenue, NN14 2PY

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19 Manor Close image

19 Manor Close

19 Manor Close, NN7 4BX

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2 The Pound image

2 The Pound

2 The Pound, NN7 4JQ

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23 Cotton End image

23 Cotton End

23 Cotton End, NN6 7RF

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25 Larbourne Park Road image

25 Larbourne Park Road

25 Larbourne Park Road, NN7 4PT

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25 Yew Tree Lane image

25 Yew Tree Lane

25 Yew Tree Lane, NN6 8HL

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28 Gorse Road image

28 Gorse Road

28 Gorse Road, NN6 8JQ

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3 Cotton End image

3 Cotton End

3 Cotton End, NN6 7RF

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4 Cotton End image

4 Cotton End

4 Cotton End, NN6 7RF

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53 East Street image

53 East Street

53 East Street, NN6 7RB

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67-69 High Street image

67-69 High Street

67-69 High Street, NN9 5JN

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7 Burnham Way image

7 Burnham Way

7 Burnham Way, NN6 7WU

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9 Priestwell Court image

9 Priestwell Court

9 Priestwell Court, NN6 8BT

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Arthingworth Open Gardens image

Arthingworth Open Gardens

Arthingworth Open Gardens, LE16 8LA

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Badby Gardens image

Badby Gardens

Badby Gardens, NN11 3AR

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Bolberry House image

Bolberry House

Bolberry House, CV23 8XX

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Bosworth House image

Bosworth House

Bosworth House, LE16 8LA

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Boughton House image

Boughton House

Boughton House, NN14 1BJ

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Braeburn House image

Braeburn House

Braeburn House, NN6 8BU

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Briarwood image


Briarwood, NN15 5AF

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C2C Grows - Community Allotment Garden image

C2C Grows - Community Allotment Garden

C2C Grows - Community Allotment Garden, NN2 6RP

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Cedar Cottage image

Cedar Cottage

Cedar Cottage, NN7 4DJ

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Corner House image

Corner House

Corner House, NN11 3AT

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Cornerstone image


Cornerstone, NN6 8EJ

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Cotfield image


Cotfield, NN6 8HR

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Coton Manor Garden image

Coton Manor Garden

Coton Manor Garden, NN6 8RQ

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Cottesbrooke Hall Gardens image

Cottesbrooke Hall Gardens

Cottesbrooke Hall Gardens, NN6 8PF

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Dale House image

Dale House

Dale House, NN6 8HL

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Dene Lodge image

Dene Lodge

Dene Lodge, NN16 9JE

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Dodford Gardens image

Dodford Gardens

Dodford Gardens, NN7 4SX

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East Haddon Gardens image

East Haddon Gardens

East Haddon Gardens, NN6 8BT

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Flore Gardens image

Flore Gardens

Flore Gardens, NN7 4LQ

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Folly House image

Folly House

Folly House, NN7 4JF

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Four Acres image

Four Acres

Four Acres, NN6 8PT

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Great Brington Gardens image

Great Brington Gardens

Great Brington Gardens, NN7 4JJ

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Greywalls image


Greywalls, NN29 7HJ

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Guilsborough Gardens image

Guilsborough Gardens

Guilsborough Gardens, NN6 8RA

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Harpole Gardens image

Harpole Gardens

Harpole Gardens, NN7 4BX

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Highfields image


Highfields, NN12 8DS

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Hilltop image


Hilltop, NN11 3ET

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Holdenby House & Gardens image

Holdenby House & Gardens

Holdenby House & Gardens, NN6 8DJ

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Holly Cottage image

Holly Cottage

Holly Cottage, NN6 8QB

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Hostellarie image


Hostellarie, NN14 2PT

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Ivy Cottage image

Ivy Cottage

Ivy Cottage, NN7 4HS

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Kelmarsh Hall & Gardens image

Kelmarsh Hall & Gardens

Kelmarsh Hall & Gardens, NN6 9LY

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Kilsby Gardens image

Kilsby Gardens

Kilsby Gardens, CV23 8XT

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Kingsley House image

Kingsley House

Kingsley House, NN7 4BS

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Lamport Hall image

Lamport Hall

Lamport Hall, NN6 9HD

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Limetrees image


Limetrees, NN6 8BT

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Linden House image

Linden House

Linden House, NN6 8DE

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Little Brington Gardens image

Little Brington Gardens

Little Brington Gardens, NN7 4HS

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Long Buckby Gardens image

Long Buckby Gardens

Long Buckby Gardens, NN6 7RE

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Maidwell Gardens image

Maidwell Gardens

Maidwell Gardens, NN6 9JF

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Manor Cottage image

Manor Cottage

Manor Cottage, NN7 4BL

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Manor Farm House image

Manor Farm House

Manor Farm House, NN7 4HS

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Manor View image

Manor View

Manor View, NN6 8EW

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Mulberry Cottage image

Mulberry Cottage

Mulberry Cottage, NN6 8HL

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Newnham Gardens image

Newnham Gardens

Newnham Gardens, NN11 3HF

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Nightingale Cottage image

Nightingale Cottage

Nightingale Cottage, NN6 9JF

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Nonsuch image


Nonsuch, NN9 5NL

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Oaklea image


Oaklea, NN29 7DF

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Old House Farm image

Old House Farm

Old House Farm, NN6 8HL

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Old Rectory, Quinton image

Old Rectory, Quinton

Old Rectory, NN7 2ED

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Old West Farm image

Old West Farm

Old West Farm, NN11 3TF

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Private Garden Of Bliss Lane Nursery image

Private Garden Of Bliss Lane Nursery

Private Garden Of Bliss Lane Nursery, NN7 4LJ

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Rainbow's End image

Rainbow's End

Rainbow's End, CV23 8XT

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Ravensthorpe Gardens image

Ravensthorpe Gardens

Ravensthorpe Gardens, NN6 8ES

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Ravensthorpe Nursery image

Ravensthorpe Nursery

Ravensthorpe Nursery, NN6 8ES

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Ridgeway House image

Ridgeway House

Ridgeway House, NN7 4JA

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Roche Cottage image

Roche Cottage

Roche Cottage, NN7 4HS

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Rock Springs image

Rock Springs

Rock Springs, NN7 4LE

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Rose Cottage image

Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage, NN7 4JB

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Rose Cottage image

Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage, NN6 8QB

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Rosearie-de-la-Nymph image


Rosearie-de-la-Nymph, NN3 7UE

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Rosenhill image


Rosenhill, NN6 9JF

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Rosi's Taverna image

Rosi's Taverna

Rosi's Taverna, NN15 5DT

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Russell House image

Russell House

Russell House, NN7 4LS

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Saddler's Cottage image

Saddler's Cottage

Saddler's Cottage, NN6 8BU

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Shakespeares Cottage image

Shakespeares Cottage

Shakespeares Cottage, NN11 3AR

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Southview Cottage image

Southview Cottage

Southview Cottage, NN11 3AW

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Spratton Gardens image

Spratton Gardens

Spratton Gardens, NN6 8HP

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Springfield House image

Springfield House

Springfield House, NN11 3AX

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Stone House image

Stone House

Stone House, NN6 8HL

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Stonecroft image


Stonecroft, NN7 4HS

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Summerhill image


Summerhill, CV23 8XX

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Sunderland House image

Sunderland House

Sunderland House, NN7 4HZ

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Tharfield image


Tharfield, NN6 8DE

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The Banks image

The Banks

The Banks, NN11 3HF

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The Close image

The Close

The Close, NN7 4BS

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The Cottage image

The Cottage

The Cottage, NN6 8HY

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The Croft image

The Croft

The Croft, NN7 4LQ

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The Garden House image

The Garden House

The Garden House, NN7 4LZ

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The Gate House image

The Gate House

The Gate House, NN6 8PU

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The Glebe image

The Glebe

The Glebe, NN11 3AZ

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The Green Patch image

The Green Patch

The Green Patch, NN16 0LU

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The Grotto image

The Grotto

The Grotto, NN6 7RE

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The Old Bakery image

The Old Bakery

The Old Bakery, NN7 4LE

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The Old Dairy image

The Old Dairy

The Old Dairy, NN7 4BS

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The Old House image

The Old House

The Old House, NN6 8PU

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The Old Vicarage image

The Old Vicarage

The Old Vicarage, NN11 2ND

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The Old Vicarage image

The Old Vicarage

The Old Vicarage, NN6 8PU

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The Stables image

The Stables

The Stables, NN7 4HZ

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Three Corners image

Three Corners

Three Corners, NN7 4LD

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Titchmarsh House image

Titchmarsh House

Titchmarsh House, NN14 3DA

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Tower Cottage image

Tower Cottage

Tower Cottage, NN6 8BU

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Vale View image

Vale View

Vale View, NN6 8HL

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Wisteria House image

Wisteria House

Wisteria House, NN6 7RB

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Woodcote Villa image

Woodcote Villa

Woodcote Villa, NN6 7EW

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Wren Cottage image

Wren Cottage

Wren Cottage, NN11 3HB

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Wyatts image


Wyatts, NN6 9JF

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Yew Tree House image

Yew Tree House

Yew Tree House, NN7 4JA

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Many gardens offer plants for sale, please visit the individual listings for more information. Here are some suggestions: Dodford Gardens, Long Barn, Grange Farm, Kingsley House.

Our database has at least 9 gardens in Northamptonshire that showcase stunning autumn colours. Here are some suggestions to get you started: Ivy Cottage, Boughton House, Ravensthorpe Nursery.

Some garden owners are happily accommodating group visits; 1 Church Gardens, 1 Church Street, Manor View have recently been listed with NGS. Please use the filters above to find more and make sure to check which gardens allow group visits by arrangement only.

Absolutely. NGS currently lists 89 gardens in Northamptonshire that strive to ensure that all visitors are able to enjoy a positive experience. Please try and keep to the paths, particularly in wet conditions, and make sure to read each garden's information to make the best of your visit.

Northamptonshire boasts a wide variety of local and exotic plants, to suit most plant lovers in all seasons. We currently list 7 bluebell gardens, 13 gardens with naturalised daffodils, 16 gardens offering hundreds of eye-catching dahlias, 44 fragrant rose gardens, 19 tulip gardens, and 8 gardens with snowdrops, as well as 54 wildlife gardens.