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Gardens in Cumbria

The National Garden Scheme gives visitors access to 62 of the best gardens in Cumbria.

Your visits and donations to private gardens near Cumbria raise important funds for Charitable causes across the UK.

Thanks to the generosity of owners opening gardens for free NGS was able to raise and donate over £3.4 million to charities last year. We hope to top this in 2024 with more beautiful gardens open in Cumbria for you to visit this year than ever before.


  • 62
    Private Gardens to visit in Cumbria
  • 22
    Historical Gardens in Cumbria
  • 30
    Dog Friendly Gardens in Cumbria
  • 12
    Child Friendly Gardens in Cumbria
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25 Edmondson Close image

25 Edmondson Close

25 Edmondson Close, CA8 1GH

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27 Haverigg Gardens image

27 Haverigg Gardens

27 Haverigg Gardens, LA14 3TH

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6 Sands Cottages image

6 Sands Cottages

6 Sands Cottages, CA8 1UQ

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8 Oxenholme Road image

8 Oxenholme Road

8 Oxenholme Road, LA9 7NJ

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Abi and Tom's Garden Plants image

Abi and Tom's Garden Plants

Abi and Tom's Garden Plants, LA11 6RT

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Askham Hall image

Askham Hall

Askham Hall, CA10 2PF

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Brampton East Gardens image

Brampton East Gardens

Brampton East Gardens, CA8 1EX

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Cartmel Gardens image

Cartmel Gardens

Cartmel Gardens, LA11 6PP

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Chapelside image


Chapelside, CA11 0XR

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Coombe Eden image

Coombe Eden

Coombe Eden, CA4 9PQ

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Cragwood Country House Hotel image

Cragwood Country House Hotel

Cragwood Country House Hotel, LA23 1LQ

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Crumble Cottages image

Crumble Cottages

Crumble Cottages, LA11 7SP

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Esk Bank image

Esk Bank

Esk Bank, CA19 1UE

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Fell Yeat image

Fell Yeat

Fell Yeat, LA6 2JW

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Fernhill Coach House image

Fernhill Coach House

Fernhill Coach House, LA11 6RX

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Foinhaven image


Foinhaven, CA13 0SY

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Galesyke image


Galesyke, CA20 1ET

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Grange Fell Allotments image

Grange Fell Allotments

Grange Fell Allotments, LA11 6HB

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Greencroft image


Greencroft, LA11 6PT

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Haverthwaite Lodge image

Haverthwaite Lodge

Haverthwaite Lodge, LA12 8AJ

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Hawthorne Cottage image

Hawthorne Cottage

Hawthorne Cottage, LA11 7AF

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Hayton C of E Primary School image

Hayton C of E Primary School

Hayton C of E Primary School, CA8 9HR

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Hayton Village Gardens image

Hayton Village Gardens

Hayton Village Gardens, CA8 9HR

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Hazel Cottage image

Hazel Cottage

Hazel Cottage, CA4 9PG

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Hempgarth image


Hempgarth, CA8 9HR

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Holehird Gardens image

Holehird Gardens

Holehird Gardens, LA23 1NP

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Holly House image

Holly House

Holly House, CA28 8RF

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Hope Cottage image

Hope Cottage

Hope Cottage, CA8 9HT

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Hutton-In-The-Forest image


Hutton-In-The-Forest, CA11 9TH

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Ivy House image

Ivy House

Ivy House, CA8 9EX

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Johnby Hall image

Johnby Hall

Johnby Hall, CA11 0UU

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Kinrara image


Kinrara, CA8 9HR

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Laburnum Cottage image

Laburnum Cottage

Laburnum Cottage, LA11 6PP

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Larch Cottage Nurseries image

Larch Cottage Nurseries

Larch Cottage Nurseries, CA10 2DR

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Lover's Lane Community Garden image

Lover's Lane Community Garden

Lover's Lane Community Garden, CA8 1TN

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Low Crag image

Low Crag

Low Crag, LA8 8LE

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Low Fell West image

Low Fell West

Low Fell West, LA8 8JG

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Lower Rowell Farm & Cottage image

Lower Rowell Farm & Cottage

Lower Rowell Farm & Cottage, LA7 7LU

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Matson Ground image

Matson Ground

Matson Ground, LA23 2NH

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Middle Blakebank image

Middle Blakebank

Middle Blakebank, LA8 8HP

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Millbrook image


Millbrook, CA8 9HT

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Netherby Hall image

Netherby Hall

Netherby Hall, CA6 5PR

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Park House image

Park House

Park House, LA6 2LG

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Quarry Hill House image

Quarry Hill House

Quarry Hill House, CA7 1AE

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Ridge House image

Ridge House

Ridge House, CA8 1EN

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Rose Croft image

Rose Croft

Rose Croft, LA8 8PH

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Rydal Hall image

Rydal Hall

Rydal Hall, LA22 9LX

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Rydal Mount and Gardens image

Rydal Mount and Gardens

Rydal Mount and Gardens, LA22 9LU

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Sprint Mill image

Sprint Mill

Sprint Mill, LA8 9AQ

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Summerdale House image

Summerdale House

Summerdale House, LA6 1PE

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Swarthmoor Hall image

Swarthmoor Hall

Swarthmoor Hall, LA12 0JQ

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The Garth image

The Garth

The Garth, CA8 9HR

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The Rowans image

The Rowans

The Rowans, LA11 6PH

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Townfoot House image

Townfoot House

Townfoot House, CA8 9HR

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Townhead Cottage image

Townhead Cottage

Townhead Cottage, CA8 9JQ

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Vicarage House East image

Vicarage House East

Vicarage House East, LA11 6RS

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Windy Hall image

Windy Hall

Windy Hall, LA23 3JA

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Winton Park image

Winton Park

Winton Park, CA17 4PG

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Woodend House image

Woodend House

Woodend House, CA22 2TA

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Woodlands image


Woodlands, CA8 1EX

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Yewbarrow House image

Yewbarrow House

Yewbarrow House, LA11 6BE

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Yews image


Yews, LA23 3JR

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Many gardens offer plants for sale, please visit the individual listings for more information. Here are some suggestions: The Rowans, Cartmel Gardens, Greencroft.

Our database has at least 12 gardens in Cumbria that showcase stunning autumn colours. Here are some suggestions to get you started: Hawthorne Cottage, Crumble Cottages, Rose Croft.

Some garden owners are happily accommodating group visits; Foinhaven, Johnby Hall, Townfoot House have recently been listed with NGS. Please use the filters above to find more and make sure to check which gardens allow group visits by arrangement only.

Absolutely. NGS currently lists 28 gardens in Cumbria that strive to ensure that all visitors are able to enjoy a positive experience. Please try and keep to the paths, particularly in wet conditions, and make sure to read each garden's information to make the best of your visit.

Cumbria boasts a wide variety of local and exotic plants, to suit most plant lovers in all seasons. We currently list 11 bluebell gardens, 7 gardens with naturalised daffodils, 13 gardens offering hundreds of eye-catching dahlias, 16 fragrant rose gardens, 5 tulip gardens, and 3 gardens with snowdrops, as well as 37 wildlife gardens.