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Gardens in Lancashire

The National Garden Scheme gives visitors access to 123 of the best gardens in Lancashire.

Your visits and donations to private gardens near Lancashire raise important funds for Charitable causes across the UK.

Thanks to the generosity of owners opening gardens for free NGS was able to raise and donate over £3.4 million to charities last year. We hope to top this in 2024 with more beautiful gardens open in Lancashire for you to visit this year than ever before.


  • 123
    Private Gardens to visit in Lancashire
  • 19
    Historical Gardens in Lancashire
  • 77
    Dog Friendly Gardens in Lancashire
  • 11
    Child Friendly Gardens in Lancashire
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1 Besford Close image

1 Besford Close

1 Besford Close, M14 6NF

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1 Osborne Street image

1 Osborne Street

1 Osborne Street, M20 2QZ

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101 Todd Lane North image

101 Todd Lane North

101 Todd Lane North, PR5 5UP

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107 Main Street image

107 Main Street

107 Main Street, LA5 9PJ

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11 Egerton Terrace image

11 Egerton Terrace

11 Egerton Terrace, M14 6RL

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11 Westminster Road image

11 Westminster Road

11 Westminster Road, M30 9HF

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111 Main Street image

111 Main Street

111 Main Street, LA5 9PJ

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118 Egerton Road South image

118 Egerton Road South

118 Egerton Road South, M21 0XJ

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12 Clifton Avenue image

12 Clifton Avenue

12 Clifton Avenue, M14 6UB

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16 Whitelow Road image

16 Whitelow Road

16 Whitelow Road, M21 9HQ

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17 Sydenham Avenue image

17 Sydenham Avenue

17 Sydenham Avenue, L17 3AU

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19 Redland Crescent image

19 Redland Crescent

19 Redland Crescent, M21 8DL

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2 Brookside image

2 Brookside

2 Brookside, BB6 8AP

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2 Church Hill Avenue image

2 Church Hill Avenue

2 Church Hill Avenue, LA5 9NU

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20 Dartmouth Road image

20 Dartmouth Road

20 Dartmouth Road, M21 8XJ

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20 Stafford Road image

20 Stafford Road

20 Stafford Road, M30 9HW

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21 Cart Lane image

21 Cart Lane

21 Cart Lane, LA11 7AF

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22 Hartley Crescent image

22 Hartley Crescent

22 Hartley Crescent, PR8 4SG

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23 Hartington Road image

23 Hartington Road

23 Hartington Road, M21 8UZ

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23 Hillside Drive image

23 Hillside Drive

23 Hillside Drive, L25 5NR

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27 Clifton Avenue image

27 Clifton Avenue

27 Clifton Avenue, M14 6UD

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28 Stafford Road image

28 Stafford Road

28 Stafford Road, M30 9HW

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280 Warrington Road image

280 Warrington Road

280 Warrington Road, WN2 5RJ

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3 Harrock View image

3 Harrock View

3 Harrock View, PR7 5PZ

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3 The Drive image

3 The Drive

3 The Drive, M20 6HZ

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30 Bonds lane image

30 Bonds lane

30 Bonds lane, PR3 1ZB

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31 Cousins Lane image

31 Cousins Lane

31 Cousins Lane, L40 1TN

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32 Wood Hey Grove image

32 Wood Hey Grove

32 Wood Hey Grove, OL12 9UA

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33 Brewery Lane image

33 Brewery Lane

33 Brewery Lane, L37 7DY

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33 Deer Park Crescent image

33 Deer Park Crescent

33 Deer Park Crescent, BB7 9XH

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35 Ellesmere Road image

35 Ellesmere Road

35 Ellesmere Road, M30 9FE

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37 Prince Alfred Road image

37 Prince Alfred Road

37 Prince Alfred Road, L15 8HH

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38 Willoughby Avenue image

38 Willoughby Avenue

38 Willoughby Avenue, M20 6AS

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40 Parrs Wood Avenue image

40 Parrs Wood Avenue

40 Parrs Wood Avenue, M20 5ND

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46 Parrs Wood Avenue image

46 Parrs Wood Avenue

46 Parrs Wood Avenue, M20 5NB

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5 Crib Lane image

5 Crib Lane

5 Crib Lane, OL3 5AF

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5 Parkfield Road South, Flat 1 image

5 Parkfield Road South, Flat 1

5 Parkfield Road South, M20 6DA

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5 Woodlands Park image

5 Woodlands Park

5 Woodlands Park, BB7 9UG

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54 Church Road image

54 Church Road

54 Church Road, L24 4BA

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57 Edge Lane image

57 Edge Lane

57 Edge Lane, M21 9JU

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58 South Drive image

58 South Drive

58 South Drive, M21 8FB

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6 Clifton Avenue image

6 Clifton Avenue

6 Clifton Avenue, M14 6UB

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6 Copley Road image

6 Copley Road

6 Copley Road, M21 9WT

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68 Brooklawn Drive image

68 Brooklawn Drive

68 Brooklawn Drive, M20 3GZ

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72 Ludlow Drive image

72 Ludlow Drive

72 Ludlow Drive, L39 1LF

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76 Green Lane image

76 Green Lane

76 Green Lane, OL8 3BA

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79 Crabtree Lane image

79 Crabtree Lane

79 Crabtree Lane, L40 0RW

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8 Copley Road image

8 Copley Road

8 Copley Road, M21 9WT

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80 Main Street image

80 Main Street

80 Main Street, LA5 9PG

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85 Ribchester Road image

85 Ribchester Road

85 Ribchester Road, BB1 9HT

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87 Todd Lane North image

87 Todd Lane North

87 Todd Lane North, PR5 5UP

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9 Main Street image

9 Main Street

9 Main Street, LA5 9NR

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Arevinti image


Arevinti, BL0 0SD

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Ashton Walled Community Gardens image

Ashton Walled Community Gardens

Ashton Walled Community Gardens, PR2 1HL

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Bretherton Gardens image

Bretherton Gardens

Bretherton Gardens, PR26 9AD

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Briar Cottage image

Briar Cottage

Briar Cottage, LA5 9PT

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Bryn Mor image

Bryn Mor

Bryn Mor, PR3 1DB

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Casa Lago image

Casa Lago

Casa Lago, BB7 9UG

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Chorlton Gardens image

Chorlton Gardens

Chorlton Gardens, M21 8UZ

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Dale House Gardens image

Dale House Gardens

Dale House Gardens, PR3 2BE

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Dent Hall image

Dent Hall

Dent Hall, BB8 8NX

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Derian House Children's Hospice image

Derian House Children's Hospice

Derian House Children's Hospice, PR7 1DH

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Didsbury Village Gardens image

Didsbury Village Gardens

Didsbury Village Gardens, M20 6RW

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Drummersdale Crossing Cottage image

Drummersdale Crossing Cottage

Drummersdale Crossing Cottage, L40 9SW

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Ebenezers Chapel image

Ebenezers Chapel

Ebenezers Chapel, BB7 9NN

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Elder Cottage image

Elder Cottage

Elder Cottage, LA11 7AF

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Ellesmere Park Gardens image

Ellesmere Park Gardens

Ellesmere Park Gardens, M30 9FE

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English Martyrs' Church image

English Martyrs' Church

English Martyrs' Church, BB7 9TN

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Fallowfield & Ladybarn Gardens image

Fallowfield & Ladybarn Gardens

Fallowfield & Ladybarn Gardens, M14 6UD

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Fern Grove Community Garden image

Fern Grove Community Garden

Fern Grove Community Garden, L8 0RY

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Giles Farm image

Giles Farm

Giles Farm, PR3 2TD

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Glynwood House image

Glynwood House

Glynwood House, PR26 9AS

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Gorse Hill Nature Reserve image

Gorse Hill Nature Reserve

Gorse Hill Nature Reserve, L39 7HB

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Grange over Sands Hidden Gardens image

Grange over Sands Hidden Gardens

Grange over Sands Hidden Gardens, LA11 7AF

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Greenfield Hall image

Greenfield Hall

Greenfield Hall, BB8 9PE

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Halton Park House image

Halton Park House

Halton Park House, LA2 6PD

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Hattergreen Alley image

Hattergreen Alley

Hattergreen Alley, M21 9FT

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Hazel Cottage image

Hazel Cottage

Hazel Cottage, PR26 9AN

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Hazelwood image


Hazelwood, PR26 9AY

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Higher Bridge Clough House image

Higher Bridge Clough House

Higher Bridge Clough House, BB4 9SB

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Holly House image

Holly House

Holly House, PR26 9HP

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Jack Green Cottage image

Jack Green Cottage

Jack Green Cottage, PR6 8NS

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Kington Cottage image

Kington Cottage

Kington Cottage, PR4 3SD

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Lark Rise image

Lark Rise

Lark Rise, OL9 0BW

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Maggie's, Oldham image

Maggie's, Oldham

Maggie's, OL1 2JH

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Meresands Kennels & Cattery image

Meresands Kennels & Cattery

Meresands Kennels & Cattery, L40 1TG

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Mill Barn image

Mill Barn

Mill Barn, PR5 0SS

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Mill Croft image

Mill Croft

Mill Croft, LA2 8NX

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Moss Park Allotments image

Moss Park Allotments

Moss Park Allotments, M32 9EE

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Oaklands image


Oaklands, L40 1SW

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Oldham Gardens image

Oldham Gardens

Oldham Gardens, OL9 0BW

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Ormskirk and Aughton Gardens image

Ormskirk and Aughton Gardens

Ormskirk and Aughton Gardens, L39 1LF

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Owl Barn image

Owl Barn

Owl Barn, PR26 9AD

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Plant World image

Plant World

Plant World, PR3 0RY

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Poole House image

Poole House

Poole House, BB7 9SU

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Rainbag Cottage image

Rainbag Cottage

Rainbag Cottage, L39 8RZ

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Rishton Tropical Garden image

Rishton Tropical Garden

Rishton Tropical Garden, BB1 4AZ

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Sefton Park Allotments image

Sefton Park Allotments

Sefton Park Allotments, L17 1AS

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Shrublands image


Shrublands, LA11 7AG

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Southlands image


Southlands, M32 9DA

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St Mary and All Saints Church image

St Mary and All Saints Church

St Mary and All Saints Church, BB7 9SY

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The Allotments image

The Allotments

The Allotments, BB7 9SY

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The Growth Project image

The Growth Project

The Growth Project, OL16 2JU

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The Hollies image

The Hollies

The Hollies, BB7 9AA

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The Inn at Whitewell image

The Inn at Whitewell

The Inn at Whitewell, BB7 3AT

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The Old Vicarage image

The Old Vicarage

The Old Vicarage, M29 7FS

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The Ridges image

The Ridges

The Ridges, PR6 9EB

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Turton Tower Kitchen Garden image

Turton Tower Kitchen Garden

Turton Tower Kitchen Garden, BL7 0HG

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Warton Allotment Holders image

Warton Allotment Holders

Warton Allotment Holders, LA5 9QU

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Warton Gardens image

Warton Gardens

Warton Gardens, LA5 9PJ

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Warwick House image

Warwick House

Warwick House, BB7 9LS

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Weeping Ash Garden image

Weeping Ash Garden

Weeping Ash Garden, WA3 5NS

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Whalley Abbey image

Whalley Abbey

Whalley Abbey, BB7 9SS

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Whalley and District Gardens image

Whalley and District Gardens

Whalley and District Gardens, BB7 9UG

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Wigan & Leigh Hospice image

Wigan & Leigh Hospice

Wigan & Leigh Hospice, WN2 3HZ

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Many gardens offer plants for sale, please visit the individual listings for more information. Here are some suggestions: 85 Ribchester Road, Oldham Gardens, 76 Green Lane.

Our database has at least 8 gardens in Lancashire that showcase stunning autumn colours. Here are some suggestions to get you started: Ruloe, 89 Derby Street, Rishton Tropical Garden, Oaklands.

Some garden owners are happily accommodating group visits; Ruloe, 89 Derby Street, 19 Redland Crescent, Hattergreen Alley have recently been listed with NGS. Please use the filters above to find more and make sure to check which gardens allow group visits by arrangement only.

Absolutely. NGS currently lists 62 gardens in Lancashire that strive to ensure that all visitors are able to enjoy a positive experience. Please try and keep to the paths, particularly in wet conditions, and make sure to read each garden's information to make the best of your visit.

Lancashire boasts a wide variety of local and exotic plants, to suit most plant lovers in all seasons. We currently list 6 bluebell gardens, 7 gardens with naturalised daffodils, 20 gardens offering hundreds of eye-catching dahlias, 38 fragrant rose gardens, 10 tulip gardens, and 4 gardens with snowdrops, as well as 65 wildlife gardens.